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What is Reiki + Why Should I Have a Session?

Simply put, Reiki is a Universal energy found inside and all around us. This Japanese healing modality was introduced to the Western world through Mikao Usui, and my direct lineage of learning is only 10 degrees of separation from Dr. Usui.

"Ki" in Japanese is similar to qi (chi) in Chinese.

I work intuitively, following along the central meridian of the body, working to "unblock" the Chakras to allow the ki to properly flow through the body.

What I do for YOU is activate the healing potential you already have within yourself, to bring physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health back into better alignment.

Reiki is an excellent healing practice, which compliments other traditional or contemporary medicines.

Reiki Healing

In-Home Treatment

A 1-hour session in my home or yours! PTBO + Kawartha region (mileage rates apply outside of City of PTBO) Session may include essential oils and/or crystals. A herbal tea service is offered to continue facilitating relaxation post session.


Healing Stones

Distance Reiki

Not in Peterborough or can't make it over? No problem! I can offer a treatment to you, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! Message to set up an appointment for your 30 minute session.

Payment required in full before treatment.


Petting a White Cat

Children + Pet Reiki Treatment

Even our Littles can benefit from Reiki! From infant to 17 years old, this treatment (30 mins) can help with anything from sleep issues and teething in babes, to school anxieties and stress. For any furry or feathered friends, Reiki can help with separation anxiety, stress and pain management.


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